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Kelsey is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor as well as a ISCA Certified Personal Trainer. She considers herself a connector of people making her way through the fitness industry all over New York City. In the past, she's worked as a Personal Trainer on the UWS at Living Well Balanced as well as Crossfit Ice doing their HIIT ROW/HAIL/CYCLE programs. She loves pushing people to their absolute potential at Orange theory Fitness Chelsea as well as one on one. Kelsey moved to the city to pursue a career in Performance and continues to do so, having health lead the way!  She believes that creating, learning and developing her skills alongside others who are doing the same can only enhance her passion and desire for her well being physically, emotionally and mentally. She knows she's done her job when her members/clients surprise themselves with what they can actually do in her class. "I didn't know I could work like that!" is music to her ears. You can Drop in to her class Monday, Wednesday and Friday midday or contact her for PT.

Don't be afraid, she doesn't bite...hard.

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